Successful Kickstarter Promotion

Top 8 Qualities of a Successful Kickstarter Promotion Strategy

A successful Kickstarter promotion is all about improving the popularity of a project on the Kickstarter crowdfunding website with the aim of gaining supporters and the funds needed to do the project. This mainly involves creating a media outreach plan for a target audience, as well as announcing and pitching the project to the intended targets and to the press. Therefore it is always useful for creators to research their audience to know who they are, where they are and how to reach them before launching a crowdfunding campaign.

Over the years, many successful and failed crowdfunding campaigns have been recorded across different crowdfunding platforms including Kickstarter. Generally, successes are usually associated with proper planning before launch whilst failure tend to be associated with gimmicks and unclear projects. Below are 8 qualities of successfully promoted Kickstarter campaigns.

They Offer Value

Successful Kickstarter marketing plans always feature projects that add value or improve the lives of people in some way. Creators that explain their projects in a clear and simple language are more likely to win over supporters and gain popularity. Zac sacs a creator who raised almost $3 million from various crowdfunding projects explains that creators need to promote something that their target customers will love to talk about.

Creators engage their own crowd

Creators that gradually start their Kickstarter promotion from within their own networks before heading to external groups are usually more successful. In the same way, greater project popularity is often correlated with network size. In one study, it was determined that creators with 10 Facebook friends have a 9% chance of raising $10,000 whilst a creator with 100 friends have a chance of getting 20% more than that amount. Starting promotions in blogs and social media well before the launching of a campaign greatly helps to improve a project’s popularity and success.

In one study, it was determined that creators with 10 Facebook friends have a 9% chance of raising $10,000 whilst a creator with 100 friends have a chance of getting 20% more than that amount.

Creators use supporters to bring more supporters

A Successful Kickstarter promotion is those run like a business. They win the confidence of their donors by providing as much background information about themselves and about their project. However, they do not ask for funding, instead, they clearly explain why they need it. They also find a way to make their donors proud for supporting them. Often regular updates and new perks are promoted to excite supporters who are also encouraged to pass on the word to their close relatives and friends. And during the campaign, many successful creators reach out to high-level twitter which gives them an additional boost in their project popularity.

Effective preparation before launching

Most of the groundwork for the campaign take place before the actual launching and the success of the promotion as well as the success of the overall campaign depends on it. It is observed that creators that use this time to determine and gather their project targets, researching similar campaigns and building a strong team are generally more successful.

Kickstarter Promotions are Social and Sincere

A successful Kickstarter promotion approach treats their supporters and targets like real human beings. They do well to avoid propaganda tactics and often use personalized email to address participants instead of newsletters or group emails. These campaigns build a sense of community and ownership with the creator clearly explaining the rewards associated with joining and funding the project. In one example, 11 crowdfunding campaigns were able to raise almost $500,000 for their church ideas prominently featuring a sense of community.

They Go Global

Kickstarter promotion is not limited by national boundaries. Creators try to make it as easy as possible for participants from any country to easily find and support their campaign. Systems that allow internationalized multi-currency donation are often put in place as well as donation forms and promotional links.

Provide relevant information for the Press

Press coverage is an important factor in any promotional campaign. When done properly, a campaign gains a huge boost of popularity reaching greater audiences. Successful creators often invite journalists or have a designated media page from which journalist can retrieve press material. The also make sure to provide concise and clear descriptions of the campaign and provide high-quality pictures needed by a journalist.

Promote Projects in Many Social Media Platforms

Successful creators also take their time to determine the social media platforms their supporters are using and promote their campaign on all these platforms. They never stick to only one platform and are always looking for new ways to reach out new audiences.

Overall, promotion is an important step in any crowdfunding campaign. Integrating these best practices into your Kickstarter promotion will greatly improve the success of your crowdfunding campaign and help you get the funds you need for your project.