Kickstarter Marketing

Kickstarter Marketing: How to get funded on Kickstarter

Kickstarter marketing is the selling of project ideas to potential supporters to get them to pledge their support for any given Kickstarter campaign. As the largest crowdfunding site for creativity, many innovators come to Kickstarter to showcase their project ideas with the aim of raising enough money for their project before a campaign ends. Marketing usually begins before the launching of a campaign and during the campaign. It is a key aspect of successful crowdfunding without which the innovators cannot get the required funds.

These seven steps will show you how to attract more supporters to your campaign and get you funded:


1. Establish your targets.

Make sure that you research your intended targets well before you launch your campaign. You should know who they are and how many, what they want, where they are and how to reach them. For example, if you have an idea for a new more convenient baby stroller, the who are obviously parents, you then need to approximate how many might be interested in looking up parenting forums and other sites where baby equipment are discussed. Reaching out to them may be through social media platform or press releases. All of this information needs to put together in a comprehensive outreach plan.

You should then proceed to establish the cost of your project and the duration of your campaign. Take care not to make the cost too high so as not to discourage potential supporters or too low that you will not be able to develop the product. Looking up similar project campaigns can often help to determine an ideal price range.


2. Engage your own crowd

It is always better to start your Kickstarter marketing with people that you know will support you well before you launching the campaign. These may include you family members and friends as well as your followers on social media. Make them a part of the project and encourage them to spread the word. You should also have a list of their emails to contact your supporters once the campaign is launched. Facebook is a great place to announce the launch of your campaign to your followers who can easily share it with their friends then and there. 


3. Maximize video impact

Just as a picture can say a thousand words, a well-shot video that clearly explains your project could make all the difference in your Kickstarter marketing campaign. Try to make the Kickstarter video as short as possible and explain your project ideas and why you believe that you should be funded. Also, try to look directly towards the camera whilst shooting so that people watching will have a direct eye contact with you as studies have shown that people are more easily convinced when you look them in the eyes.


4. Optimize Your Kickstarter Marketing Page

From the video, the next place people are going to look to is your page. Make sure that your page is informative and neatly arranged so that it easily readable. Pictures are welcomed addition because they make the project page less boring whilst advertising the project. Use high-resolution pictures whenever possible as they will come in handy for press releases and blog posts. Your Kickstarter marketing page can further be optimized with the use of Bitly to shorten the URL of the page. This shorter link can be used to track clicks on your website showing you the number of clicks and their origin.


5. Present few high-value rewards

It is always better to present your supporters with a few high-value rewards as opposed to many low-value rewards. This is because low-value rewards send the wrong message to your supporters that you do not value them. In addition, make sure you describe each reward clearly in a short and attractive man manner so as to attract more supporters.


6. Use current supporters to attract new ones

Your project supporters can often do more than just provide funds to your Kickstarter campaign. Give them regular updates on the project as it emerges and thanks them as you hit milestones. Often you can couple these updates with information on new rewards, and a request for them to share your campaign in their Facebook, Twitter, and other social media accounts. In this way, your campaign becomes more popular as your supporters promote your project.


7. Use the Press for more supporters

The press is one the most effective ways to promote your campaign and increase its popularity. Press releases reach millions of people outside your network and beyond the network of your supporters. Thus they drive new traffic of supporters to your campaign. It will be a poor choice to market your campaign without the press. 

In the end, all of these steps coupled with your level of determination and perseverance will determine the outcome of your Kickstarter marketing campaign. You will need to be ready to communicate with supporters from all over the world at any given time of the day. And although campaigns are easier when it is a team, these step will help you nonetheless to successfully get your project funded.

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